Filming at the Doughnut Van

Television, print media, movie producers, advertising agencies and bloggers have all contacted us at some point in our long history. From books to inflight magazines, television ads, movies, Breakfast TV, TV News, lifestyle programs and more, you may have already seen us in moving colour. 

It’s always humbling to receive such requests, and our staff are experienced at having cameras pointed in their direction during a shift. 

If you would like to include ADK in your content, please email with plenty of notice, and as much detail as possible to enable expedient processing. 

Filming requests must be cleared with Queen Victoria Market office first by completing the form on their website with your Public Liability information provided. 

The three co-owners work away from the van, so interviewing any of them face to face is done by prior arrangement at a mutually beneficial time. 

School Projects

For students looking for general information about the American Doughnut Kitchen, our history and our humble doughnuts, have a good look around our website, our Facebook page and our Instagram feed first.

This will give you a lot of information to go on and some great ideas for unique questions.

We recommend watching both our history & promo videos too.

Once you’ve gathered your information, email us to ask the questions you haven’t found the answers to online. 

If you would like to conduct a formal interview, either over the phone or by sending a questionnaire, email with at least a week’s notice, and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your request. 

Please include your name, your school and when your project is due.

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