Frequently Asked Questions

Your Burning Questions Answered

What is your key ingredient info?

Margarine containing milk solids
No eggs, sesame or nut products
Cooking oil is derived from Animal fat (Angus Beef)
Contains Gluten
Our doughnuts are NOT SUITABLE for Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free or Halal diets.

Please understand this multi-decade old recipe creates our one and only iconic product with it's distinct taste that will remain in its original state.

The production line type design of the van does not permit variations in the ingredients to be able to offer options for multiple dietary needs.

Should you require more specific dietary or allergen information, please email your query so we can respond within business hours and assist you before your planned visit.

Can I have the recipe?

The recipe is a closely guarded company/family secret known only by those who work for ADK and protected by confidentiality deeds.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for our next friendly team members who thrive on a bustling atmosphere.

Our current hiring priority is a full time position within our bakery operations team as well as Prahran Market team members.

For the Bakery Operations role, you'll be based mostly at the West Melbourne Warehouse (2.5kms from QVM) with some fun shifts in the van too.

Do you know dough and have a current driver's licence? Then please apply! Full training available.

If you answer yes to any of these, this job isn't for you!

Does hot weather bother you?
Dislike physical work?
Hate mornings?
Your weekends are sacred?
You don't like change or working in a high growth environment?

Our values are critical to our success.

We Craft With Care
We Foster Unity
We Radiate Humility
We Cultivate Ingenuity
We Embrace Joy

We are a close knit team in a small space, pumping out high volume, high quality product that is a beloved icon of Melbourne.

Video submissions encouraged here or apply via this form.

Do you offer a discount for large orders?

For orders in excess of 500 doughnuts, visit our
Feed a Crowd page for details.

Can we have the van at our event?

The vans are not available for the moment.

For future reference, the vans are only booked for large crowds requiring a minimum of 2,000 doughnuts and within 5kms of 88 Dynon Road, West Melbourne, VIC.
Please visit our Feed a Crowd page.

Are there any franchising opportunities?

No Franchise opportunities available.

Any new sites in the future will be operated within the existing company structure and considered on a case by case basis.

Will you open up in Queensland?

We love our Queensland customers who visit Melbourne regularly, and who desperately want us to start up in the Sunshine State.
There are no immediate plans to expand up North, so for now our doughnuts are exclusively a Melbourne highlight.

 Is it #doughnut or #donut? 

The age old question! Doughnut is the original spelling, with donut being the Americanised shortened version. The first known use of ‘doughnut’ was in 1782.

We prefer 'dough'nut as we use dough made fresh each day before trading allowing a long proofing time for maximum puff! Not only that, it's in our name, so it's always DOUGHNUT for us!

Can we get your doughnuts delivered?

Are you the right delivery partner for us? Can you deliver large quantities of our doughnuts further than 10km from QVM or Prahran Market and keep them hot?

Please contact us at with your best offer.

Our doughnuts & jam are available from QVM Online with the option of either delivery or click & collect.

Delivery is to over 220 Melbourne suburbs within 20kms of Vic Market with new suburbs being added.

QVM Online is managed by Queen Vic Market so any queries about this service should be directed to QVM.

 Can we buy your doughnuts anywhere else?

We do not have any certified resellers at this stage and sell exclusively from the Southern Hemisphere's largest open air market - our beloved Queen Victoria Market with our new shop at Prahran Market opening soon!

If you see anyone claiming to sell our doughnuts, please notify us immediately as they will not have a contract with us as a certified reseller.