Some of the questions we’re often asked…

Q. Can I have the recipe?

The recipe is a closely guarded company/family secret known only by those who work for ADK and protected by confidentiality agreements.

Q. What ingredients do they contain?

  • Contains dairy ingredients – margarine used, but no eggs
  • Animal fat contained in cooking oil
  • Our ingredients do contain gluten

Q. Are there any positions vacant?

ADK will advertise when positions are available. To be considered for a role within ADK you must have

  • Food handling experience, ideally in a food truck or bakery. Ideal for qualified bakers tired of early morning starts.
  • The ability to handle money without a cash register is essential.
  • Excellent English skills with permanent Australian residency.

Ideal ADK team members are quick learners, outgoing, self motivated, punctual, respectful, and team players who don’t mind a hot, cramped environment.

Q. Do you offer a discount for large orders?

Yes, we do offer discounts for orders in excess of 100 doughnuts. See Orders & Events page for our discount levels.

Q. Can we have the van at our event?

Please visit ourOrders & Events page to complete an enquiry form for us to attend your corporate event/private function/festival etc.

Q.  Are there any franchising opportunities?

Franchising is not currently in our business plan.

Q. Will you open up in Queensland?

We love our Queensland customers who visit Melbourne regularly, and desperately want us to start up in the Sunshine State. Our existing business model is one that is not suited to the warmer climate, so we’re sorry guys, but you won’t see us in Queensland. Our doughnuts are exclusive to Melbourne!

Q. Do you do deliveries?

Watch this space!